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Candy Cummings the baseball player

There can be some confusion between Candy Cummings the artist and Candy Cummings the baseball player. William Arthur Cummings was a strong and healthy baseball player commonly referred to as “Candy” Cummings. He played baseball in both the National League and National Association from 1848 to 1924 as a pitcher. Some of Williams achievements are known worldwide as the athlete entered the hall of fame for baseball in 1939 and was known for creating the pitch throwing style now known as the curveball. Was he the best pitcher of all time? Some say William was one of the best pitchers of all time. Unfortunately with new technology, training and exercising methods like Dartfish and recover supplements like evolve protein. It becomes ever so hard for William to keep up with the current stats that todays athletes are achieving, however he will always have a place in history.

Interestingly to note after Williams career in baseball he moved on to owning a paint and wallpaper shop.

Candy Cummings Artist

Candy Cummings is also an artist who has created such pieces as Candy's Clutches, Neptune's Kingdom, Retrotech, Conundrum, Child's Play, PC Guardian and many other works.

Both the Washington Post and the Southern Maryland Newspaper have reported on Candys paintings.

Written on January 2014 by Nicole Clark of the Southern Maryland Online Newspaper was the article titled 'Battling cancer, artist has show at gallery she founded'.

Written on December 2011 by Joseph Morris was the article titled 'Ring in the new year with local artists'.

Written on March 26 by Lonnae O'Neal Parker was the article titled 'Art is to these locals like the air they breathe ' an irrepressible part of their lives'.

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